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I dreamed last night that I was giving them (being a big nerd), so here goes:

Pace Wittgenstein, we can give a definition of what it is to be a game. To be a game, a set of actions must contain routine or ritual components which have an indeterminate outcome that depends either on chance, on skill, or both.

There is no need to specify the number of players, the fact that some games are played with balls, others with words, etc.

There may be concepts that can't be pinned down through definitions, but this isn't one of them. (It's certainly true that we don't LEARN most concepts in this way, but that doesn't mean definitions can be given afterwards. Harder concepts to do this for are basic sensory concepts, like 'red,' and perhaps qualitative concepts.)
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Dream: I was driving around campus looking for parking. A robot designed to monitor the roads and parking lots began to follow me; so I took the car into the air, further and further, and flew up into the sky beyond all distinctions (between parking places, between concepts, and between things); so I thought as I floated. But in the sky above distinctions it was hard for the lungs to breathe and the brain to function. I knew I would soon dissolve. But it felt intoxicatingly wonderful.

"We have got onto slippery ice, where there is no friction and so in a certain the conditions are idea, but also, just because of that, we are unable to walk...." (Wittgenstein, PI, Sec. 107).
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From a month or two ago, but it's my favorite.

I was moving around, doing something or other, and I had the thought: "I'm not really moving around at all. I'm in my bed, sleeping, unable to move at all." And in my dream I felt the sensation of being unable to move, as one is in sleep. I saw an image of myself asleep in my bed.

I often have that sensation in the process of falling asleep, or of waking up. I rarely have it in dreams (though I can think of a few other occasions in which I dream I'm unable to move. But that's different. I don't have the thought, "I'm really unable to move because I'm asleep").
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Two boys are playing the electronic organ in a bookshop. Two old men sitting next to the organ are very impressed. I want them to go away so that I can play it. I say, "Hey, that's my song! I wrote that! They're playing my song because this is my dream!"

(The same answer explains why there is an electronic organ in a bookshop.)


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